first_img Sign in to follow this   Share this post Recommended Posts Prev it just me, or is “football club” not centered on the crest version?The problem with the bottom logo is that the date should refer to the first year of the club not the city’s founding. I also had the concept of American tems taking a European approach bu name a club CITY NAME FC…it’s called soccer in the United States not football. Actually, the sport is nicknamed soccer in North America and Oceania. The sport’s true name is “association football.” My first club I played for was named AFC..Association Football Club. That was in 1981, and no one complained about it. Gothamite Sign in to follow this   2,068 posts Gothamite Members Sport Billy it just me, or is “football club” not centered on the crest version? BigRed618 Sports Logos ddub53 175 Share on other sites BigRed618 Yeah, that text is definitely of. They fix that, and it’s a terrific choice.Agreed. Like the subtle Arch, love the wavy lines like the flag (could it make it on the jersey??) like everything about it. The roundel looks too close to NYCFC/Melbourne City even down to the font. Not crazy using the city’s founding like its the clubs founding either. Just leave off the Established date if you aren’t ok with it being 2014. I can understand not wanting too “new” of an established date on a logo so just leave it off. 60 60 Link to post 53,285 posts All Activity CDixonDesign 1,138 posts I agree with the guy who said that this is a poor choice of colors. Maybe if the lightened up the blue a little, they’d be on to something. Of course, I’m just glad I have a high-tier soccer team in my own backyard again. Let’s see how long this will last… 568 posts ddub53 22,644 Share on other sites Share on other sites 44 1 King of Consistency 0 SportsLogos.Net 125 posts ddub53 Page 1 of 3   Share this post Link to post Sports Logo News 0 2,215 0 30 15,125 posts Members Gothamite Page 1 of 3   30 Needschat Sport Billy Share this post Share on other sites 30 Share on other sites 22,644 6,671 posts Share this post 763 53,285 posts Sport Billy 2,068 posts 175 Wait… what’s this for? Is this a real team or…?EDIT: Nevermind. I just noticed the link. This sounds pretty awesome. I went with the roundel. 568 posts 22,644 Share this post Share on other sites CDixonDesign Posted June 5, 2014 Share on other sites Share on other sites 60 603 posts Location:upstate NY St. Louis Football Club Logo Vote it just me, or is “football club” not centered on the crest version?The problem with the bottom logo is that the date should refer to the first year of the club not the city’s founding. I also had the concept of American tems taking a European approach bu name a club CITY NAME FC…it’s called soccer in the United States not football. 0 Share this post Posted June 6, 2014 Location:Charlotte, NC pcgd Followers 1 pcgd tv15 Location:San Jose Share this post 0 Not a fan of either personally. I think the name and colors are a miss, but not surprised by either choice.Option 1 has some potential, but it just doesn’t feel there to me. But option 2 lacks anything unique about St. Louis beyond the word and the fleur de lis.I really would have liked to seen a St. Louis flag motif OR the Apotheosis of St. Louis as one of the soccer groups a few years back was doing. 22,644 Posted June 6, 2014 30 Share this post 44 Link to post Link to post 257 Link to post 53,285 posts five boroughs, one City. Members Members 763 Posted June 5, 2014 30 0 Share this post Gothamite 30 Members Posted June 6, 2014 22,644 44 Link to post Share this post 568 posts Posted June 5, 2014 it just me, or is “football club” not centered on the crest version?The problem with the bottom logo is that the date should refer to the first year of the club not the city’s founding. I also had the concept of American tems taking a European approach bu name a club CITY NAME FC…it’s called soccer in the United States not football. ST. LOUIS S.C. Is a protected name.It is the old club that merged with Scott-Gallagher to become Scott-Gallagher St Louis. 2 Share this post 0 40 145 Share on other sites 0 it just me, or is “football club” not centered on the crest version?The problem with the bottom logo is that the date should refer to the first year of the club not the city’s founding. I also had the concept of American tems taking a European approach bu name a club CITY NAME FC…it’s called soccer in the United States not football. Actually, the sport is nicknamed soccer in North America and Oceania. The sport’s true name is “association football.” My first club I played for was named AFC..Association Football Club. That was in 1981, and no one complained about it.Oh, I know why it’s called soccer in the United States. But it IS called soccer, not football, and all of the leagues have the name soccer (i.e. USL, MLS) so all of the team should use the same for consistency. For some reason some people think using the European terms are hip and cool. Members Share on other sites Gothamite Location:Earth BigRed618 257 2,215 9,565 posts ohryan 0 Members 145 STL FANATIC Posted June 6, 2014 0 Gothamite 145 30 Link to post Link to post Sport Billy ddub53 Members Share this post 2,215center_img 22,644 22,644 Share this post five boroughs, one City. Link to post 125 posts Link to post Posted June 5, 2014 Share on other sites 53,285 posts 1 0 St. Louis Football Club Logo Vote Posted June 5, 2014 Members Share on other sites By Sport Billy, June 5, 2014 in Sports Logo News tv15 ddub53 Share this post Share this post Banned As “templated” as the roundel feels, I prefer it over the crest. Football logos lately have become to “standardized”. Call it a trend, or just a safe move, but i’d like to see a club come with something “out of the box” to buck the trend. Link to post 22,644 Prev Share on other sites 44 Share this post 763 Posted June 6, 2014 0 0 Posted June 5, 2014 3 Members Share this post 175 it just me, or is “football club” not centered on the crest version?The problem with the bottom logo is that the date should refer to the first year of the club not the city’s founding. I also had the concept of American tems taking a European approach bu name a club CITY NAME FC…it’s called soccer in the United States not football. ST. LOUIS S.C. Is a protected name.It is the old club that merged with Scott-Gallagher to become Scott-Gallagher St Louis.Isn’t Scott Gallagher the owners of the SLFC? It sure appears so. In any event, they need an actual nickname. Using FC or SC seems so lazy. It would be like calling the Cardinals, St. Louis BC. There are so many creative nicknames the could be used. Plus there have been many interesting nicknames and logos for STL indoor and outdoor teams such as Stars, Steamers, Storm and Ambush. Posted June 6, 2014 Location:Nap Town 3 Needschat 1 Members Members 209 2,305 posts 763 Favourite Logos:Caribous of Colorado, Tulsa Roughnecks, San Antonio Gunslingers Sport Billy Isn’t Scott Gallagher the owners of the SLFC?Yes, but I think St. Louis F.C. Is an attempt to say “We are not just a Scott-Gallagher team” and recapture some of the fans lost in the merger with St. Louis S.C. a few years back. Share on other sites Posted June 6, 2014 Gothamite Forums Home Share on other sites St. Louis Football Club Logo Vote ddub53 This topic is now closed to further replies. ddub53 Link to post Link to post ddub53 22,644 Gothamite -kj 763 Share on other sites In any event, they need an actual nickname. Using FC or SC seems so lazy. It would be like calling the Cardinals, St. Louis BC.You don’t say?Using “FC” does not preclude a nickname. It just lets the fans create one organically rather than imposing one from the start.St. Louis National Baseball Club was the legal name during the Anheuser-Busch ownership. The current legal name for the club is St. Louis Cardinals, LLC. Legal names are a whole different ballgame. Nobody refers to teams by their legal name, although nowadays more teams are using their nicknames in the legal names. 40 Next 22,644 five boroughs, one City. Link to post Go To Topic Listing All Activity 0 In any event, they need an actual nickname. Using FC or SC seems so lazy. It would be like calling the Cardinals, St. Louis BC.You don’t say?Using “FC” does not preclude a nickname. It just lets the fans create one organically rather than imposing one from the start. Link to post I like the roundel. It’s just such a unique look that you never see in sports. 209 Share on other sites Sport Billy 44 Posted June 6, 2014 Share this post Agreed on all counts, pcgd. And although I’ve defended the use of a fleur-de-lis on other threads, it’s pretty uninspired on that roundel. Seems slapped on. 30 I knew it… 209 30 44 763 0 Share on other sites BigRed618 Needschat 22,644 Share this post Share on other sites Share this post 0 Posted June 6, 2014 Sports Logos 30 Posted June 5, 2014 44 Next like the crest STL FANATIC Yeah, that text is definitely of. They fix that, and it’s a terrific choice. 125 posts Link to post five boroughs, one City. 40 Members Posted June 6, 2014 Farther back than the A-B ownership. Much farther back. And yes, they were referred to by those names way back when. Nicknames were unofficial, often changed and not always used. But I know. I was just kidding you. You did walk into it, though. Followers 1 Link to post 0 Members Posted June 6, 2014 Link to post Members 44 Members This one? Posted June 5, 2014 -kj Link to post 0 Members 19,663 posts Share on other sites Link to post 257 2 Posted June 6, 2014 30 44 SportsLogos.Net 125 posts Sports Logo News 22,644 Members ohryan Forums Home 0 30 The Man Behind the Curtainlast_img read more

first_imgYesterday we brought you a report from Italy that Everton were interested in the youngster this summer after his impressive displays in Serie B.Carlo Ancelotti had reportedly recommended the midfielder to Everton’s scouts and, they had sent positive reports back to Goodison Park on him.This had opened up the possibility of the Blues making their move this summer in what would have been a very Marcel Brands signing.Embed from Getty ImagesThey weren’t the only side interested in him, with Roma, who sold him to current club Sassuolo three years ago, also thought to be keen.And, it seems, their interest may stop Everton getting their man. Leggo report that the Serie A side have a €15m repurchase option on the 20-year-old that they intend to use this summer.Their plan is to use Grégoire Defrel as part of the deal so they can bring that price down and leave all parties satisfied and ‘burn the competition’, with Everton named.Such a move would presumably put an end to any chances of the youngster turning up at Goodison Park, although perhaps the pulling power of Marcel Brands and Ancelotti could change Taboolaby TaboolaSponsored LinksSponsored LinksPromoted LinksPromoted LinksTrending TodayForge of Empires – Free Online GameIf You Like to Play, this City-Building Game is a Must-Have. No Install.Forge of Empires – Free Online GameUndo聽多多 Hearmore.asia1969年前出生的香港居民現可免費試戴頂尖的歐洲助聽器聽多多 Hearmore.asiaUndoCoworking Space | Search AdsThe cost of shared office in Hong Kong might surprise youCoworking Space | Search AdsUndoHero WarsGetting this Treasure is impossible! Prove us wrong!Hero WarsUndo熱門話題小心會長過頭…網友推爆:「真的長得超誇張!」熱門話題UndoStanChart by CNBC CatalystDigitization in Banks Is No Longer About Efficiency, but Business Resilience. Don’t Get Left Behind.StanChart by CNBC CatalystUndoCNN with DBS BankWhat Banks Did To Help Corporations Mitigate Future CrisesCNN with DBS BankUndoDating.comThe Most Handsome Guys In Hong Kong On This Dating SiteDating.comUndoLoans | Search AdsNeed a loan? Search hereLoans | Search AdsUndo Such is the short shelf life of a transfer rumour that, one day it’s hot and the next day it’s not. Everton’s interest in midfielder Davide Frattesi may have just fallen into that hole.last_img read more

first_img Bestseller ENDS IN 0 DEAL OF THE DAY 50PC Disposable Face MàSc/Mack Anti-Dust … LocalSportsJournal.comThe Whitehall boys basketball squad won a thrilling double-overtime contest over Montague 64-61 on Friday in West Michigan Conference play.The Vikings jumped out to a 20-7 lead after the first quarter and led 31-16 at halftime.Montague answered with a 19-13 third quarter run to cut the deficit to 44-35 heading into the final quarter. The Wildcats continued their run in the fourth frame with a 17-8 tear to force overtime.Both teams scored six points during overtime, forcing a second extra stanza.Terrell Harris nailed a free throw in overtime to force the double overtime for Whitehall while Addison Bloom helped put the game away with a pair of late free throws during the second OT.Ethan McKenzie paced the Vikings with 16 points and 19 rebounds.Whitehall, which is now 3-5 on the season and 3-2 in league play, outscored the Wildcats by a 6-3 margin during the second overtime.The Wildcats were led by Kenyan Johnston with 18 points and eight rebounds, while Nick Stever and Hunter Mosher added 12 points each. ENDS IN ENDS IN Ads by Amazon Not relevant Add Comments (Max 320 characters) (822) Bestseller Displayed poorly Other NBC Sports Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Bestseller $0.00 × Ads by Amazon Bestseller ENDS IN Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Report a problem This item is… Report a problem This item is… ENDS IN $49.95 Other The League (7802) (31628) × Not relevant Displayed poorly (657) Displayed poorly Inappropriate / Offensive Report a problem This item is… DEAL OF THE DAY Displayed poorly The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extr… Share (2) Mail Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Inappropriate / Offensive DEAL OF THE DAY $9.99 Twelve Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Other ENDS IN Report a problem This item is… $15.29$17.99 Not relevant DEAL OF THE DAY × Displayed poorly Displayed poorly (17612) Add Comments (Max 320 characters) Inappropriate / Offensive Other Report a problem This item is… Report a problem This item is… Add Comments (Max 320 characters) $0.00 Not relevant Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. × Displayed poorly Inappropriate / Offensive × Shares (34271) DEAL OF THE DAY Bestseller Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Report a problem This item is… Report a problem This item is… Other Displayed poorly DEAL OF THE DAY Inappropriate / Offensive $14.99$18.00 × Shop Now × $37.99 × Not relevant ENDS IN Inappropriate / Offensive Bestseller (117) Inappropriate / Offensive Other Add Comments (Max 320 characters) MIRITY Women Racerback Sports Bra… Bestseller DEAL OF THE DAY Other ENDS IN Not relevant DEAL OF THE DAY Share Not relevant Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Inappropriate / Offensive Other Bestseller Add Comments (Max 320 characters) $0.00 Not relevant Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. FOX Sports: Stream live NFL, College Footbal… Fox Sports Go Thank you! This will help us improve your ad experience. We will try not to show you such ads again. Add Comments (Max 320 characters)last_img read more

first_imgKOLKATA, India, Mar 27, CMC – West Indies all-rounder Andre Russell once again put his phenomenal powers on display, smashing a cameo and then snapping up a brace of wickets, to lift Kolkata Knight Riders to their second win in as many matches with a 28-run victory over Chris Gayle’s Kings XI Punjab here Wednesday. Sent in at Eden Gardens, KKR piled up 218 for four off their 20 overs, with Robin Uthappa top-scoring with an unbeaten 67 off 50 deliveries and Nitish Rana getting an exhilarating 63 from 34 balls.Russell arrived late to blast a sensational 48 off a mere 17 balls, handing KKR the up tempo type of finish they required.In reply, Kings XI made a good fist of it before ending on 190 for four, with South African David Miller leading with 59 from 40 deliveries and Mayank Agarwal chipping in with 58 off 34 balls – the pair sharing a crucial 74 for the fourth wicket. Mandeep Singh struck a quick-fire 33 not out off 15 balls in a 56-run, unbroken fifth wicket stand with Miller, in a failed attempt to get Kings XI over the line.The left-handed Gayle made 20 off 13 balls with two fours and sixes before he fell to pacer Russell at 37 for two in the fifth over, top-edging a pull to be taken at mid-off.Russell, who finished with two for 20 from three overs, then reduced the innings to 60 for three when he removed Sarfaraz Khan for 13 off a top edge to the keeper. Jamaican Russell had earlier pummelled three fours and five sixes as he put on a scintillating 67 off 31 balls for the fourth wicket with Uthappa.He perished with two balls remaining in the innings, holing out to a brilliant catch at deep mid-wicket by Agarwal off seamer Andrew Tye.Sunil Narine had blasted three sixes and a four in a nine-ball 24 at the top of the order before both he and opening partner Chris Lynn (10) fell in successive overs to leave KKR on 36 for two in the fourth over. Uthappa and Rana posted 110 for the third wicket to rebuild the innings, laying the ideal foundation for Russell’s fireworks.last_img read more

first_imgWell said @sashabankswwe 👏🏼— Lexi Kaufman (@AlexaBliss_WWE) June 22, 2020 Sujay Chakraborty First Published: 23rd June, 2020 19:29 IST Written By Wait what…..why every time I get on here there is a fire? Sammy was wrong, period.— Big Swole 💪🏾 (@SwoleWorld) June 22, 2020 Last Updated: 23rd June, 2020 19:29 IST AEW Suspends Sammy Guevara After Vile Sexual Comments On WWE’s Sasha Banks Surface Online ‘AEW suspends Sammy Guevara’ was all over social media after Guevara’s vile comments about WWE Women’s superstar Sasha Banks from 2016 surfaced online. Sammy Guevara and Sasha Banks (real name Mercedes Vernado) noted that they spoke to each other and had an open discussion about the incident. “Earlier I spoke with Sammy, he apologised and we had an open discussion,” Banks wrote on Twitter. “Words like the comments he made, jokingly or not, have absolutely no place in our society! I don’t condone or tolerate this kind of behaviour. What one thinks is just a side comment can have a massive impact on someone else’s life and can send the wrong message.” WWE superstars Carmella, Bayley, Natalya, Alexa Bliss, Mandy Rose, and others speak up on the incident Also Read | AEW suspends Sammy Guevara: Asuka Defeats Charlotte Flair Before Being Challenged By Sasha Banks For Extreme Rules(Image Credits: Sammy Guevara and Sasha Banks Instagram Handles) Well said @SashaBanksWWE🤍 Thinking of you & very proud of you.— NattieByNature (@NatbyNature) June 22, 2020 Also Read | Bayley And Sasha Banks Once Again Become WWE Women’s Tag Team ChampionsAEW suspends Sammy Guevara: WWE and AEW superstars reactFormer WWE tag-team and now AEW tag-team stars Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler lauded Sasha Banks for her stance: All Elite Wrestling (AEW) superstar Sammy Guevara’s wrestling career has been plunged into jeopardy after his vile comments about WWE superstar Sasha Banks from 2016 surfaced online. The 26-year-old was suspended by AEW for an indefinite period of time. AEW also announced that Sammy Guevara’s salary will be donated to the Women’s Center of Jacksonville, Florida. The wrestler will have to undergo sensitivity training before the wrestling promotion re-evaluates his future with the company.Also Read | Edge, Bayley, Sasha Banks And Other WWE Superstars React To The Revival’s Releasecenter_img Kenny Omega, Big Swole also react to ‘AEW suspends Sammy Guevara’ news  COMMENT AEW suspends Sammy Guevara: What did Sammy Guevara say?Sammy Guevara, who worked as an extra in WWE, appeared on a podcast in 2016 where he made some extremely insensitive remarks about the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion. Guevara said during the podcast that he wanted to “sexually assault” Sasha Banks after working with WWE in a minor capacity that year. While the Sammy Guevara comments did not make headway back then, it recently surfaced online amid the ongoing #SpeakingOut movement. Unsurprisingly, it resulted in a massive backlash for the AEW wrestler.”AEW insists on doing our part to create a world of understanding and respect for humankind. We therefore strongly condemn the extremely offensive and hurtful words of Sammy Guevara. As such effective immediately, Sammy is suspended without pay until further notice,” the statement from AEW read. The 26-year-old was scheduled to face Matt Hardy on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. Also Read | Triple H Shares Sweet Post For Bayley And Sasha Banks After WWE NXT Goes Off AirAEW suspends Sammy Guevara: Sammy Guevara Twitter apologyFollowing social media criticism, Sammy Guevara issued an apology via social media. Guevara said he was “idiotic” when he made those offensive comments and asked for forgiveness for his foul remarks. In a subsequent post, Guevara apologised to Sasha Banks for his remarks. Sammy Guevara Twitter apology: Well said. 👏🏼💙— Leah Van Dale (@CarmellaWWE) June 22, 2020 ❤️🤍— Bayley (@itsBayleyWWE) June 22, 2020 WATCH US LIVE SUBSCRIBE TO US Seriously.— Mandy (@WWE_MandyRose) June 22, 2020 LIVE TV FOLLOW USlast_img read more

first_imgThe Ravens’ roster has undergone massive changes in the last month.Four of their top seven defensive players in terms of snaps played last season are gone, a group that accounted for nearly 40 percent of their sack total. Two of their top three wide receivers are no longer in the picture, leaving just two wide receivers on the current roster who have caught an NFL pass.Of course, general manager Eric DeCosta hasn’t just been sitting on his hands, signing six-time Pro Bowl safety Earl Thomas to upgrade from highly-respected veteran Eric Weddle and adding two-time Pro Bowl running back Mark Ingram to a ground attack that was already the best in the NFL in the second half of 2018. The Ravens also signed veteran cornerback Justin Bethel to enhance the special-teams units that will undoubtedly miss longtime coordinator Jerry Rosburg, whose pending retirement might be the most underrated loss of the offseason.Understanding the start of the 2019 regular season is still more than five months away, which of the Ravens’ positional groups require the most work and carry the most concern right now? Some value free agents remain and Baltimore has enough cap space to make another notable signing or two, but going into the draft with multiple needs usually leaves an organization in danger of either reaching in lieu of maximizing value or being left out at a key position or two altogether.Which positions do the Ravens want to upgrade, need to address, or desperately must improve between now and the start of the season?Backup quarterback – NEEDStarter Lamar Jackson is the only quarterback currently on the roster as the Ravens have yet to strike a deal with Robert Griffin III to return. It’s difficult to feel good about anyone replacing Jackson’s unique skill set for an extended stretch of time in an offense being specifically built for the 22-year-old, but Griffin would certainly fit better than most quarterbacks out there. Perhaps more important than the system fit is Griffin’s presence as a mentor as it was no secret the two hit it off last season. Ultimately, we’re still talking about a very young quarterback here who can benefit from an experienced veteran. Josh Johnson could be a backup to the backup plan, but it’s difficult to find too many logical fits for the job in terms of both playing style and intangibles.Edge defender/outside linebacker – DESPERATEThe short-term and long-term outlooks at this position are very concerning with Matthew Judon being the only proven commodity and scheduled to hit the open market himself next offseason. Expectations were high for 2017 second-round pick Tyus Bowser and 2017 third-round pick Tim Williams when they were drafted, but they’ve been non-factors in their first two seasons. Sure, the presence of Terrell Suggs and Za’Darius Smith cut into potential opportunities, but the Ravens would have loved nothing more than to put the aging Suggs on more of a pitch count these last two seasons, making this a critical year for Bowser and Williams. With Smith receiving a big payday in Green Bay, the Ravens also lost his versatility to rush the passer from the inside, another issue needing to be addressed. Free agents such as Justin Houston and Ezekiel Ansah are still available, but DeCosta very much needs to add a veteran and draft a pass rusher to adequately address the void here.Interior offensive line – WANTMake no mistake, the Ravens would benefit greatly from finding at least one upgrade at guard or center, especially with seven-time Pro Bowl right guard Marshal Yanda entering the final year of his contract and turning 35 in September. However, the Ravens had the NFL’s best running game over the final two months of last season and finished 10th in Pro Football Focus’ end-of-year offensive line rankings and eighth in Football Outsiders’ adjusted sack rate. With a full offseason for recovery and improvement, the Ravens finding a solid left guard out of the trio of James Hurst, Alex Lewis, and Bradley Bozeman isn’t unreasonable and Matt Skura improving in his second full season at center isn’t out of the question. Baltimore will have the option to use the same Week 1 starting offensive line in consecutive years for the first time since 2014 and 2015. An upgrade or two would be great, but don’t dismiss the value of continuity along the offensive line.Inside linebacker – NEEDRegardless of your feelings on C.J. Mosley’s true worth or ability, you don’t lose a four-time Pro Bowl selection in his prime without having significant questions about replacing him. Patrick Onwuasor emerged late last season and Kenny Young flashed in his 369 defensive snaps as a rookie, but the two played in a platoon — along with dime back Anthony Levine — that enhanced their strengths and masked their weaknesses. The Ravens might be able to get by with Onwuasor and Young in starting roles, but it would certainly deviate from the value they’ve put on the inside linebacker position historically. DeCosta could still look to sign a veteran such as Zach Brown or Brandon Marshall, but it’d be surprising if the Ravens aren’t at least aiming to add an inside linebacker in the first three or four rounds of the draft.Wide receiver – DESPERATEWith apologies to the solid Willie Snead and special-teams standout Chris Moore, you’d have a difficult time arguing against this current group of wide receivers being the worst in the NFL on paper. Yes, I know the Ravens want to run the ball and arguably value tight ends more than anyone in the league, but that won’t help as much when facing a strong run defense, falling behind multiple scores, or trailing late in games. There’s also the question of Jackson’s development and wanting to maximize the return on that investment for the long haul, something that will be easier to do with a standout wide receiver at his disposal. The problem is this wasn’t a particularly good free-agent class of wide receivers to begin with and most of the top names have already come off the board with options like Dontrelle Inman not getting anyone excited. Like at outside linebacker, the best course of action appears to be adding a veteran and using some meaningful draft capital — not late-round fliers — for a receiver or two. No matter what happens, it’s tough envisioning this position not being a concern going into the season, but that’s hardly unfamiliar territory.last_img read more

first_imgSammy Adjei is growing increasingly worried that his football career could be heading for a pre-mature end after his latest attempt to pick up the broken pieces ended in disaster.Adjei, a former Ghana number one with a massive wealth of experience at both club and international level told TV3’s Talk Sports program that he was desperate to play again but revealed his attempt to join Maritzburg United have crashed after the club told him they are no longer interested.“The club have written to me to say because of the complications, they are no longer interested in the deal. It worries me because I really want to pick myself up again. I want to be playing football again and I have always thought my best bet is to do it outside Ghana.”Adjei has accused Hearts of not doing enough to protect his interest in the Maritzburg case. “I signed for Hearts without taking a penny from them because I always made it clear my first option was to travel.“When I had problems and asked for time to sort it out, they claimed I was just not interested in playing. I dealt with Maritzburg because in truth my contract with Hearts was only until the end of the Ghana season which was over.”Hearts insist they did nothing wrong and that they had merely insisted to Adjei that Maritzburg must deal with them at a club-to-club level. The goalkeeper says he is now hoping his agents can fix him a new club as quickly as possible.He was first choice goalkeeper for Ghana at the 2002 and 2006 Nations Cup and was phenomenal in Hearts of Oak’s run to the African Champions League title in 2000.He was sent packing by Israeli club Modena Ashdod in the summer of 2008 following a disagreement over his appearance at the 2008 Nations Cup in Ghana.Source: Kickoff.comlast_img read more

first_img 10 Best Travel Destinations in Taiwan Rebekah Vardy scores an impressive penalty in six-inch heels People Slammed By Massive Waves 4 Travel Diary // Vietnam 2017 Top 5 Best Budget Hotels In Dubai under AED 400 a night. Source: Soccer – Amazing movies best funny animals Funny animals make you happy and laugh funny animal compilation 10 INCREDIBLE Space Launch Failures! EDEN HAZARD has revved up his Real Madrid career by buying a £500,000 Lamborghini.The former Chelsea idol has helped the Bernabeu club hit the fast lane towards the LaLiga title following a slow start.Eden Hazard has splashed out on a new £500k LamborghiniThe Belgian drove the Aventador SVJ to trainingThe ex-Chelsea man’s car collection is now worth more than £1MILLIONAnd 29-year-old Hazard has now splashed out over half a million euros on a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.The supercar can do over 217 mph, and go from 0-60 in an incredible 2.8 seconds.Belgium international Hazard turned heads when rolling up for training in the Lambo on Sunday.And he found favour with Real’s fans by choosing a simple white paint job for the car – matching the club’s colours – rather than opting for a more adventurous shade.Hazard has made 20 appearances for Los Blancos, scoring once, in an injury-hit debut season in Spain.Questions were raised early on whether the playmaker was good value for his record £90million transfer.However he has since helped Zinedine Zidane’s men to the brink of the title.They lead arch-rivals Barcelona by a point, with a game in hand, before Monday night’s trip to mid-table Granada.Hazard is a well know petrol head and the Lambo is just the latest in an impressive motor collection.The midfielder has been spotted in various rides over the years, including a Mercedes-Benz AMG GTR, Audi R8 V10, BMW X6, Audi RS4 Avant, Range Rover, Aston Martin Vanquish and Mercedes C Class.Audi R8 V10The Audi R8 V10 that’s part of Hazard’s collection is worth £110kCredit: HandoutAble to hit a top speed of 205mph, Hazard would never be late to Chelsea’s Cobham training ground driving this car.Brazil star Neymar also owns an R8, so Hazard’s in good company.Price: Around £110kBMW X6The BMW X6 is the perfect family car for Hazard, a dad of threeCredit: HandoutA stylish and reliable SUV, the classic number ten often took his X6 for a spin on match day.As a family man, this roomy ‘Beamer’ is also perfect to drive around his missus, Natacha Van Honacker and their three kids for a day out.Price: From £60kAudi RS4 AvantHazard loves an Audi A regular standard among footballers, including Real Madrid and Barcelona’s elite – who have deals with the car giants – Hazard loves the Audi brand.Price: From £60,290Range Rover SportThe Range Rover Sport is Hazard’s preference when leaving trainingA Range Rover… every footballer should own one and more or less most of them do.Hazard’s preference is the sport model because it’s comfortable and the ideal ride for when he finishes training and can stretch his legs.Should be more than enough room for his 5’8″ frame.Price: From £60,760Aston Martin VanquishThe most expensive car in Hazard’s collection was the classy Aston Martin Vanquish worth £199,950 but the Lambo blows it out the waterCredit: Paul Tonge – The SunIs classy Hazard pondering what motor to get next?Credit: ReutersA classy gents’ car, the Vanquish was the most expensive motor in Hazard’s collection.James Bond star Daniel Craig once owned a limited edition version, which was sold at an auction for £344,000.Price: From £199,950Mercedes C-ClassCool Hazard is a motor car enthusiastThe cheapest car in Hazard’s collection is a £32k C-ClassCredit: Not known, clear with picture deskThe luxury C-Class has been part of the German brand’s make-up since 1993, when it was first introduced.It was also one of the first cars Hazard rocked up in when he signed for Chelsea from Lille back in 2012. Needless to say, he’s moved on since.Price: From £32,260And finally, Mercedes-Benz AMG GTRHazard’s AMG GTR reaches a top speed of 197.6 mphCredit: Getty – ContributorPerhaps the best-looking in his collection, Hazard has a AMG GTR which has a horse power of 430 kW and top speed of 197.6 mph.Aston Villa and Man City legend Gareth Barry once had one once upon a time too.Price: From £99,245That gives us a grand total more £1.1m! Now, that’s not to be sniffed at.Man City’s two-year Champions League ban OVERTURNED by CAS last_img read more

first_img Related G.E. Anderson/ABC(NEW YORK) — Scores of women confronted former USA Gymnastics team doctor, Larry Nassar, who was sentenced to 40 to 175 years in prison Wednesday for sexually assaulting gymnasts and other young women under his care. Nassar, 54, had pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving girls who were 15 years old or younger and faces sentencing next week after pleading guilty to three more counts in a nearby county. He was led away in handcuffs at the conclusion of a seven-day sentencing hearing at which 156 women and girls gave victim impact statements in court or had them read on their behalf. On Wednesday, after Nassar’s sentencing, “20/20” sat down with nearly two dozen of Nassar’s accusers to hear from them in their own words and highlight their powerful statements read in court. (Taryn) Akemi Look Actress Akemi Look told “20/20” she gave up her first name Taryn after 31 years because she associated it with a difficult part of her life. “Taryn represented my life as a gymnast and everything that came with it. The sacrifices, the abuse, the pain the all of it. And I really didn’t want to be associated about that anymore. Akemi is the name that for me is empowering because it’s me saying this is who I am and I am not who these other people made me to be.” The former rhythmic gymnastics Junior Olympic Champion and U.S.A. National Team member said she chose to submit her victim impact statement to be read in court rather than testify in person at the sentencing hearing because, “the last thing that I wanted to do was stand in the same room as him.” But after others deliver powerful testimonies on television, Look flew into Michigan for the sentencing hearing. “Just to be in that courtroom today amongst everyone and all of us was so powerful because I had felt alone this whole time,” Look told “20/20.” “I mean at this point we have to change the world. We have to change the culture and we have to believe victims. We have to believe children.” Arianna Castillo Castillo, who gave her testimony on Day 6 in court, said she saw Nassar when she was just 8 years old after fracturing her hip. “He took away my confidence that I was developing at a young age,” she said in court. “By me speaking today [I’m] taking back a little bit of that feature that he stole from me. I’m getting some of that bravery and confidence back,” Castillo added. “I figured if I stayed silent I’m only letting him win.” Bailey Lorencen The 22-year-old former Twistars and Michigan State University gymnast, where Nassar served as the gymnastic team doctor for nearly two decades, told “20/20” she only told her teammates and sister about the abuse before this case because she “just didn’t think anybody would understand.” But after reading her statement in court, Lorencen said a weight was lifted. “It was just liberating and it gives you the confidence in yourself that you need to feel like your voice does matter,” she told “20/20.” Danielle Moore “I’m glad that the judge gave him that … [sentence] to set a precedent,” Moore told “20/20.” “But I still don’t don’t think it really represents the pain and all of the emotions that all of us have gone through and all the other women out there.” Moore accused Nassar of sexually abusing her over the course of multiple years as a teenager and said that led to self-destructive behavior. She has since earned two master’s and doctorate degrees. During her testimony in court Moore said, “I will no longer be known as a number, I will be known as Dr. Danielle Moore.” Gwen Anderson Anderson said she first experienced abuse at the hands of Nassar in 1998. The now mother of two boys told “20/20” that she wants people to know that “gymnastics is still a good sport and there are some really bad apples that need to be removed from the basket of apples.” Anderson said she hopes that all of the voices in this case prevent anything like this from happening in the future and show that “accepting abuse of kids is not acceptable … So making sure that the kids know we believe you we hear you will stand behind you.” Helena Weick Weick alleged she was just 12 years old when Nassar abused her while her mother was in the room, and called him “a monster of a doctor,” during her victim impact statement in court. “I just knew I had to get up there and I had to like put that shame on him. It’s just not mine anymore,” Weick told “20/20” of her decision to publicly stand up to Nassar. Jennifer Hayes Like many of Nassar’s victims, Hayes claimed her sexual abuse occurred during a treatment to realign her back and said in court that although he stole her confidence through sexual abuse and manipulation that she is regaining it. Hayes told “20/20” that she did not tell anyone about the abuse until Nassar was in custody because she was “in denial.” Hayes also told “20/20” she believes that the women who came forward in this case are “just a drop in the bucket.” “If he was doing this every day for over 20 years, on weekends, holidays, up until midnight on Jennifer Rood Bedford Bedford, a former Michigan State volleyball player who said she was abused by Nassar when she was 18 years old, told “20/20” that once other athletes started asking one another about Nassar’s treatments they realized they all shared similar encounters. “You’re surrounded in an environment where athletes are joking about … behind [the] scenes. Everyone knows he works down there,” Bedford said, adding that “he was known as the crotch doc.” “So you think, ‘I’m the only one that’s feeling uncomfortable with this.’ So again suck it up and stop being a baby, ‘suck it up buttercup, you’re an athlete,’ you press on and you move forward,” Bedford said. Jessica Smith Smith told “20/20”, “It shouldn’t take an army of women speaking in court for people to do something. It should take one person saying that this happened to them and them being believed and taken seriously.” Smith was a dancer and said she first went to Nassar for severe ankle pain in 2012 and was abused. “As athletes are our brain is looking straight to our goals our end result getting on stage or whether that’s gymnastics or soccer or ice skating, figure skating, dance we all as athletes worked so hard to get there that you know it really was a whole other level of manipulation,” she told “20/20.” Kate Mahon Mahon said in court that Nassar “not only tricked me, but tricked my mom,” who was present for all of her appointments, which created another level of manipulation and grief. She told “20/20” Nassar is a “master manipulator.” Mahon added that she thought she would feel sympathy at some point during the trial, but “what he said in his letter just really assured me that he’s a monster.” Larissa Boyce Boyce, who filed a lawsuit against Nassar, MSU and others, told “20/20” that sitting among this group of accusers after feeling alone for so long felt “overwhelming.” “It didn’t have to be this way. Especially because I told Kathie Klages [former MSU head gymnastics coach] back in 1997, so probably most of these people sitting next to me would not be here,” Boyce explained. “I didn’t speak of it after that moment and when I was silenced I didn’t speak of it until the reports came out in 2016. And I defended him at first … That’s how brainwashed I was.” Makayla Thrush Thrush, a former Twistars gymnast in Michigan where Nassar allegedly assaulted girls in a back room at the gym, reiterated the same notion as many of Nassar’s accusers, testifying in court at his sentencing that, “nobody should ever have to question their doctor, especially one who was the doctor for the US Olympic team.” Marion Siebert “I think it’s both incredibly comforting but also incredibly horrifying as to how many of us there are,” Siebert, a former gymnast, told “20/20”. “I also think it’s a testimony that everybody can see is how much it took to take down this guy.” Mattie Larson The retired gymnast claims she was abused by Nassar at Karolyi Ranch in Huntsville, Texas, a national training site for U.S. Olympic gymnasts. “I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, he was the only adult in my life that was nice to me at that time and for the six — about six years I was on the national team, those were the years that Larry worked on me. I was a shell of a child,” Larson told “20/20.” Larson went as far as to say she can no longer watch the sport and that even if she has children she may not let them get involved. “Hopefully by that time elite gymnastics will be different and they’ll be someone amazing in charge,” she said. “That would be really the only way I would be okay with it you know.” Megan Halicek Halicek, who claimed she was abused by Nassar when she was 15 years old, told “20/20” she wants more women to come forward and know they have support. “Speaking to girls, ones that haven’t come forward yet and either have been abused by Nassar or someone else, we’re here for you,” she said. “Join us. Don’t be afraid, like we’re a force and we’re here for you. And change is happening.” Nicole Soos Former figure skater Nicole Soos, who said she was abused in 2001 by Nassar, agreed with Bedford that the former Olympic doctor had a reputation for inappropriate treatment among the young female athletes. “The girls at the ice rink would say, he touches you funny down there,” Soos said. Rachael Denhollander Denhollander was the first woman to file a criminal complaint with police against Nassar. She has filed a lawsuit against Nassar, USA Gynmastics (USAG) and others. Her story was first reported by The Indianapolis Star, which had already published an in-depth investigation into the culture at USAG. “The problem here isn’t Larry,” she told “20/20.” “Larry is a symptom of the problem. The culture at USAG was not only abusive … it was also a policy of not reporting sexual abuse. They literally put the reports in a file cabinet.” “My presumption as a 15-year-old was first that surely others had spoken up and if they had spoken up those reports would have been taken seriously,” she added. “And I was wrong.” In a statement posted on its website on Jan. 25, 2018, USA Gymnastics said it “completely embraces the requirements outlined in the Jan. 25, 2017 letter from the United States Olympic Committee and appreciates the opportunity to work with the USOC to accomplish change for the betterment of our organization, our athletes and our clubs. We understand that the requirements imposed by the letter will help us enhance our ability to build a culture of empowerment throughout the organization, with an increased focus on athlete safety and well-being. Our commitment is uncompromising, and we hope everything we do makes this very clear.” Samantha Ursch The former Central Michigan University gymnast met with Nassar during her senior year and claimed in court that the abuse began at her second appointment with the then-doctor in 2011. “I’m not pretending it didn’t happen anymore. I’m just moving past it,” she said in court. Stephanie Robinson Robinson told “20/20” that despite being afraid to come forward, “finding my voice like was the best thing.” The 17-year-old former gymnast said she wants to help others speak out against abuse. “I want … other people to know that when you speak out they’ll be surrounded by people who love and support you and you can walk in the truth instead of trying to feel like you have to hide,” she said.Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.Powered by WPeMaticolast_img read more

first_imgThis one will be quick, because this game happened to be the exact opposite of the Tampa Bay Lightning game from two nights ago. Tonight, the Washington Capitals lost to the Minnesota Wild 2-1.1st PeriodThe Wild’s Jordan Greenway opened the scoring for the Wild, scoring a pretty goal, beating Holtby’s right pad on a net drive.2nd PeriodThe Capitals tied this game up in the second. A Nick Jensen slapshot from the point was tipped by Brett Connolly on the way, and bested goalie Devan Dubnyk. For those keeping score at home, that’s Connolly’s 13th point in 16 games and his 7th in the last 5. Great stuff from the 3rd line once again.3rd PeriodOff a Matt Niskanen turnover, Minnesota’s Ryan Donato (seriously, why did the Bruins trade this guy) feathered a pass to fellow forward Jordan Greenway, who beat Holtby high blocker.Quick Thoughts…Pretty anemic play from the Capitals, who seemed to take the game off after an exhaustively emotional Tampa game on Wednesday.Brooks Orpik did not play well whatsoever, getting beat like a drum on the first Wild goal. Looked like he was skating through cement.The first game following Michal Kempny’s unfortunate injury was not promising, although Christian Djoos seemed to fit in well.The future of Matt Niskanen will be interesting to watch this offseason. Clearly, Niskanen’s game has declined quite a bit, and his turnover in the 3rd period with the game tied was quite brutal. That cap space could be used to keep Hagelin and Burakovsky.I’d like to see Pheonix Copley in net next game. Holtby, while locked in, could use a bit of rest as this season winds down. Need him fresh come April 10th.The 3rd line keeps tearing it up. I’d argue it’s the second most dangerous 3rd line in hockey after Tampa’s 3rd line.The Capitals have 6 20-goal scorers, which is tied for the league lead with Columbus.Carl Hagelin was missed tonight. Get some fluids, Flash.That second line was “yikes” tonight. Kuznetsov, Vrana, and Oshie got sunk tonight. Sub-30% possession numbers. Need that line to improve. Quickly.Please follow and like us:last_img read more